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What Makes A Successful Fashion Blogger

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Nicole Warne, Elle Aus Cover


Obviously I’m totally biased, but I’m super proud to come from the stable of fashion bloggers coming out of Australia. Around 4 years ago – these girls had potential – but none had really landed on the international market in a big way like some of the girls in the American and European markets.

So what changed?

Sara Donaldson, Exclusive Burberry Editorial


We were pretty tight knit – as Australians, isolated by seasons, timezones and distance, we were outsiders by most standards  and we felt we had to stick together because no where else were we able to learn information about our burgeoning industry. By sharing information, we collectively grew stronger.

Jessica Stein for Miss Vogue

High expectations drive greatness.

Amanda Shadforth Photography, Exclusive Oracle Fox Editorial


There was a shift at some point among our group – when one of us would strive to create something new, we all recognised that as bloggers and creators, we were capable of more. We wanted better photography, better styling, better websites. We didn’t compare ourselves to other bloggers, we compared ourselves to our idols, always aiming higher. We encouraged each other and discussed ideas – the standards of work and creativity continued to rise among all of us.

It was a healthy kind of competition, mostly because we all felt we could have a share of the market that was uniquely our own. We all wanted to have individual identities.

I’ve known these girls for years, and learnt so much from all of them, we’ve grown alot and we’ve still far to come but all of it so far has exceeded our exceptions.

Something that has stuck with me, I was told once this quote from Nicole, –

“A candle never loses any of it’s flame by lighting another candle.”

And I’ll never forget it. It’s the reason I hope to share what I’ve learnt and am continuing to learn with you all of you (and from you!) – because it’s just so damn rewarding. Even getting burnt on occasion, the good still outweighs the bad, by sticking together and wishing the best for those around you, you’re likely to get the good vibes right back.

So having the drive to create something new and better than what you’re doing is vital – and it’s so much easier and much more fun if you’re sharing that journey with someone else. I’m not saying you need to align yourself with another blogger who’s getting all the gigs – I’m saying find your peers – so you can share, strive and support one another. You can only win with the right person cheering you along.

So proud of these girls and all they have achieved! So excited to see what comes for them in the future.

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