Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Dubrovnik

Written by: Monica Bestek

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Let me set the scene for you.

Late Friday night delayed flight into Dubrovnik and a 30min taxi ride to arrive at our hotel. After spotting the view while checking in we didn’t even bother going to go to our room, instead we ducked down to the bar for a late night drink and a magical view of the twinkling old town. When we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore we made our way to our room where we enjoyed a bath looking out to sea and finally a good nights rest… We awoke to one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. As the early rays of golden sunshine gleamed off the glassy Adriatic sea and a truly fantastic spectrum of pink and purples lingered in the sky behind the old city, I knew this was the start of a magical weekend that we would never forget.

M.B Harpers Guide: A Super Fun and Awesome Weekend in Dubrovnik


Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik 

A 5 minute walk from the old town and a view that you won’t even be able to handle. Seriously, there is the possibility you will want to just stand on the balcony and take photos the entire weekend… you’ve been warned. The hotel has seen an amazing history and played host to some of the worlds most famous and extraordinary people who’s headshots hang in a special gallery. The hotel opened in 1913, and is located on the side of a cliff overlooking the old town and the island of Lokrum. With everything that you need located right at the hotel – a variety of restaurants, a wellness spa, gym and pool and literality a jump straight into the Adriatic Ocean, you are set for an extraordinary weekend.

What to Do 

Start everyday of your weekend with a sunrise, it’s too damn amazing not to.

Man paintingExplore the old town – 5min walk from Hotel Excelsior you are in the middle of the now very famous, old town. During the Summer the streets are filled with plenty of tourists and the sun beats down, reflecting off the white stone so weaving through the crowded narrow streets holding a dripping ice-cream is all part of the experience. The city is pretty much pumping with energy. If your not into crowds then head there early, shops won’t be open but it’s just so beautiful to walk around in the fresh morning air and see the town in a different light.  

Cable Car – up the mountain for the most amazing view – I am not a fan of heights (eek!), but getting to the top was worth it because the view was astounding.  You may have seen it on postcards but you don’t really SEE it until you are really there, it pales in comparison. TIP: Take some photos then put your phone away. Take some time to really appreciate what is there, take it in!

Old TownWalls of Dubrovnik – Afternoon walk around the surrounding old wall, created to protect the city from invaders. I’d recommend doing it in the morning or late afternoon and avoiding the middle of the day as it can be extremely hot and very sunny. Either way it’s absolutely worth it. You will see the town and surrounding ocean from a different perspective. Behind you sits the towering mountains, in front of you sits the island of Lokrum and the expansive Adriatic. There is a magical golden mystical light that spreads over the city it has this amazing feeling of warmth and contentment. Take some photos of the amazing roof tops, and take a moment to truly appreciate what’s around you.

Kayaking – Go early as it gets hot in the beating sun. A 7km kayaking adventure with a swim and some snorkelling will make you appreciate Dubrovnik more the better. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty hard work as you paddle out and around Lokrum but there is plenty of breaks and even a nudist beach to take your mind off paddling 😉 . On the way back you head to a cave and claim the beach while gnawing down a sandwich with a touch of snorkelling and swimming to cool off – then back into using your now tired upper body. Definitely worth it. Hey, guess what? You now deserve an ice cream! Go you 😛   

Where to eat 

360 Restaurant is located in the old town, we stopped there for some cocktails with the family – The Pina Colada is darn good to freshen up.

icecreamIce-cream – Just inside the old town (through the Pile Gate right next to Onofrio’s Fountains) there is an ice-cream shop with a variety of flavours and the scoops are generous! Can’t go past ice-cream on a hot day!

Victoria Restaurant – To finish off an awesome weekend we took a short walk up to the Victoria Restaurant where we had cocktails and the most amazing dinner. The view is incredible, so be sure to have a night here, you won’t be disappointed, Trust me! This is in my top ten meals of all time!


  1.  Fly home on Monday afternoon and spend the morning enjoying breakfast, have a workout and a swim. Checkout isn’t till 12!
  2. There are farmers markets in the Square of the Old Town – go and check them out and get some fresh fruit
  3. Ask for ice-cream in Croatian – if your lucky they will give it to you for the local half price!

Article by Mon – M.B Harper


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