This Is Kraftek

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I’ve never forgotten the first time I walked into the Topshop Oxford Circus for the very first time and the wholesale panic that followed…

‘I shouldn’t max my credit cards today… Should I???’

This was around 7 years ago and the retail landscape in Australia was pretty bleak, especially for someone on my budget. I loved fashion but couldn’t find pieces on trend for a price my wallet could appreciate. So Topshop was my answer. The first thing I ever purchased was from one of the early Kate Moss for Topshop collections (you can see that in a post from 2008 here – and appreciate how far I’ve come along with my content!) and I was obsessed.

So my long love affair with Topshop began way back then and continues today, Down Under have stores landed in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth (yay!) and I expect there’s more on the way. I’m going to be working with Topshop in the coming months to bring you exclusive content, beginning with this editorial inspired by the exclusive for Australia trend, titles Kraftek. It’s all the retro vibes, mixed textures and prints, just my kind of style.

What do you guys think?

Topshop-4Topshop-5 Topshop-2
Topshop-1To get your own piece of the Kraftek trend, head into a Topshop store in Australia. All clothing and accessories in this editorial are from Topshop. Really looking forward to sharing more from this collaboration in the very near future!!

Photography and Production – Gustav Carlson

Creative Direction, Model, Styling, Editing – Me

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