The Workout For When You Don’t Want To Go To The Gym

Written by: Monica Bestek

For some people the gym is a place to dread and to be avoided at all costs. So I though I would share with you a workout that can be done on a sports field or park (or anywhere with space!) so that you can still get your body moving without the dreaded fear of going to the gym.

It’s important to sweat, it is also important to get your body moving and to use parts of your body that you normally wouldn’t use sitting at your desk or bicep curling your coffee cup to your lips.

#TheHarperMovement is all about getting you out and moving everyday so that you feel happier, healthier and better about yourself.

Nothing beats fresh air, sun on your skin and a bit of sweat. It’s a great way to clear your head and focus on yourself. If you don’t want to workout alone, bring along a friend so you can have a laugh – workout buddies can be a great support in achieving results and encouraging you to keep going. (All about workout buddies here). Best of all, this workout is free, fast and fun, you’ll look fabulous and feel ferociously fantastic after finishing (you see what I did there?) #alliterationlove

I guarantee you are going to feel amazing after this workout. Give it ago and let me know how you feel! 

What you will need 

1. Water Bottle

2. Gym  Oval clothes

3. Sneakers

4. A smile/grimace – depending how hard you go, this can be a fine line



100 ->20 Star Jumps – Start with 100 star jumps. This will get your body warmed up and your heart racing. Each set, you will drop 20 star jumps off ( Set 1 – 100 Star Jumps, Set 2 – 80 Star jumps) till you get to your last set of 20 Star Jumps. 

Now move straight into:


20 walking lunges – Start with your feet shoulder width apart . Take a step forward with your left leg, drop down and bend both legs to about a 90 degree angle. Back leg should be just off the ground. Front Knee shouldn’t come over your toes. Push off with your left foot and step your right leg forward and Repeat.


Lunge Lift (10 each leg) – Stand shoulder width apart. Step back with your left leg into a lunge position and bring your right arm back as though you were about to take off into a sprint. As your left knee nears the ground explode up off your right leg squeezing your right butt cheek. As you come up out of the lunge drive your left knee up as your arms switch positions. Using the momentum come up onto the toes on your right leg and squeeze your calf. Come back down onto your right foot and step back into the lunge. Repeat. 


10 Broad Jumps – Lower yourself into a squat and bring your arms back, poised for action. Explode out of the squat position and jump up and out driving your arms forwards landing softly on your feet with your feet under your hips. As you land bring your arms back ready for the next jump. Repeat ten times. 


Opposite leg to arm sit up (10 each leg) – Start by lying on your back. Lift your left leg up as high as you can (helps to bend your knee slightly if you lack flexibility) and raise your right leg an inch off the ground and keep it there. Now place your hands behind your head or on your temple, this is the starting position. Breath out and crunch up by curling and keeping your ABS tight while simultaneously reaching up with your right hand and touch the side of your shoe. Lower yourself down slowly and back to the starting position and bring your hand back to your head. Now repeat ten times and switch legs/arms.

This workout comprises a cardio element with bodyweight exercises so expect to get puffed. Take 1-2min rest after going through one set, then repeat for 5 Sets. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for making it to the end!

Note: Remember to Breath, cool down and stretch after your workout. #TheHarperMovement

Article by Mon – M.B Harper

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