The Ultimate Travel Workout

Written by: Monica Bestek

Bonjour! (even though I’m back in Australia, I’m already wishing I was back in France). I was meant to post this workout a few weeks ago but as you probably know, when you’re travelling time flies – not to mention the fact I couldn’t even upload the video because the South of France has internet about as fast as a tortoise with it’s legs tied!

exercise - mbharperSo, throwing it back to France! What an amazing place!  There is so much to do, see and eat – I wanted to try everything! With the urge to eat everything, it was important to make sure that I still found the time to exercise so I could truly enjoy all that food! When travelling I like to try to incorporate my every day ‘home’ life such as exercise, into my travel life. It keeps a little bit of routine which helps me stay on top of my goals. Exercising is great for your state of mind, improves energy levels and your health, so keeping it up while travelling is very beneficial. You don’t need to do it everyday, but try your hardest to get a few workouts in during the week!

While travelling, exercising can become a little more difficult so I thought I would share a little routine that I love to do which doesn’t require a gym, any equipment, a lot of time or even a large space! Sounds exciting right? So bookmark this one for when you are on the run exploring the world (or even stuck at home!) 

Your step by step guide to a workout while travelling – Workout video included, so be sure to watch that!

1. Get dressed, grab a bottle of water and head on over to your chosen workout location 

2. Start with a simple warm up. This could be a light jog, 100 star jumps – just get your blood pumping – its important to get warm

3. Start the workout. Come on you can do it!

4. Complete the work out. WOO!

5. Do a little happy dance and get on with your day 🙂

mbharper run1Travel Workout – Let’s get moving!

Ok guys, we’re going to do the following exercises in order, one after the other with a little rest in-between each set (completing each exercise once in a row equals one set 🙂 ) with a little rest in-between each set.

20 Squats

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and feet pointing slightly outwards, extend your arms straight out in-front of you. Look straight ahead, breath in as you start to lower your body with control into a sitting position or until you’re thighs are just below parallel.  Keep your back straight, and make sure your knees follow your feet but do not go over your toes. If you need some assistance place a chair or bench behind you and lower till you just tap the bench with your bum! At this bottom position, your weight should be over your heels and on the balls of your feet (you should be able to wiggle your toes). Then rise, pushing up through your heels into your starting position. Focus on squeezing your butt, keeping your abs tight and your back straight! Boom, that’s a squat – KimmyK here I come.

• 20 Squats into Calf Raises 

Just like the regular squat you need to lower your body into a sitting position. Coming back up from the squat is where the action happens. As you squeeze your bum, transfer your weight from your heels to your toes as you raise yourself up onto your toes and squeeze your calves. Lower yourself back down with control onto your feet and back into the squat.

• 20 Jumping Lunges

These are one of my favourite exercises, I think they’re really fun. 😛 Start off slowly so you understand the feeling and get used to the movement. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, step your left leg forward keeping your toes pointing forwards and lower down into the lunge. Your right knee lowers towards the ground and your right foot comes onto its toes as your left thigh moves to become parallel to the floor. Just before your right knee touches the ground, push off your left (front) foot and jump up as you switch your legs landing with your right foot in front and left foot behind. You need to make the movement smooth and be sure to land softly on your feet. Repeat the movement by lowering your left knee towards the ground and coming forwards into the lunge. If you need some assistance try holding onto the back of a chair or railing in-front of you while performing the exercise, this will give you some extra stability.

Take a minute to rest between sets. While you are resting do…

• 10 Push-Ups

Place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, fingers pointing straight ahead. Step your legs back a little bit less than shoulder width apart, your body should be now in a straight line. Make sure your back is not curved, tighten your core and squeeze your butt as you lower your self to the ground, elbows going backwards. As you lower, look at a spot just over your fingernails and then push back up using your arms and chest. Be sure not to drop your hips while lowering. If you can’t do a full pushup that’s fine, I struggle with push-ups too! If you find you just don’t have enough strength to do a full pushup, place your knees on the floor (on a towel or jumper if it’s a hard surface) to make it a little easier.

Then get straight back into it. Do this workout 5 times! 

This is a fast paced workout so as you progress it will get harder and you will get sweaty! Make sure you don’t take too long between sets. This workout should take no more then 20min.  The next few days you are going to feel the burn – so remember to stretch and warm down after you finish with a light jog or walk. 

Along with working out, I make certain other choices while travelling that maximise my health and minimise the impact of all those croissants, cheeses and wines 😀 Firstly, Casey Neistat said it best in his travel video for Nike:

“We were always moving, always the stairs, never the escalators”.

We always took the stairs wherever possible, even when we were lugging two 20kg suitcases, a backpack and two overnight bags – we took those bloody leg burning, calve straining, butt busting stairs every time! Remember you have worked so hard back at home – try to minimise the number of steps backwards – try to maintain your hard work! Along with taking the stairs I avoid travelators out of principle, I actually try to race the people on it and beat them to the end…suckers! The final thing I do is make sure I walk as many places as possible. Anything under 5km is manageable and it also allows you to see so much more of a location than taking the Subway or Metro.

So, try the workout and let me know how you go in the comments below!

Au revoir les amis!

Article by Mon – M.B Harper  #TheHarperMovement

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