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On Wearing A Leather Skirt in The Summer

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Proud to say I survived Stockholm Fashion Week.


Well, it does only go for three days – but I was struck down with that damn flu. Fortunately the good weather and my enthusiasm for the scene helped pushed me through and it was a great little prequel to FASHION MONTH. Have I mentioned to all of you that I’m going to all four cities this season? Please wish me luck, I will need it. It’s a wonderful opportunity, to attend all four cities during FASHION MONTH but also slightly terrifying – how can I find a month’s worth of show-attendance-worthy outfits…. FASHION MONTH!!!

Anyway, this past few days I had the chance to do a takeover of Larsson & Jennings Instagram – and rock a couple watches from their latest release. I’ve been a longtime fan of Larsson and Jennings (you’ve probably seen me wear the Gold Liten in dozens of posts)  and their scandi/brit aesthetic so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute. In this post I’m wearing one of the new styles, matte silver and black face – CM Matte SB. Super chic!

So this is a very casual outfit to be wearing to attend shows, but it’s pretty representative of the way I was feeling at the time  – I’m just grateful I managed to dress myself beyond pyjamas! I think the accessorising and the leather skirt are the saving grace. The skirt is one of my new favourites from Tibi and one of the most versatile pieces I’ve come across – a great tran-seasonal find!

top, By Malene Birger

skirt, Tibi 

ring and necklace, By Charlotte

watch, Larsson and Jennings 

bag, Jimmy Choo

shoes, Adidas

sunglasses, Celine


tibi-leather-skirt-silver-watch-chain-larsson-jennings-celine-sunglassestibi-leather-white-sneaker-adidas-skirt-jimmy-choo-bag-silver-watch-larsson-jennings tibi-leather-skirt-silver-watch-larsson-jennings