My Beauty Secrets

Written by: Zanita Whittington


What I love about beauty is that there’s no right or wrong answer.

20150814_Zanita8198Sometimes a 200 dollar product that works well for you won’t get results for someone else – or a 5 dollar product could work magic on one person and give hives to the next. Our experiences with different products are all unique. So where’s the right place to go to for advice? Go somewhere you trust – but also – go somewhere with more than one answer, because all come from different sets of circumstances and our skin behaves in different ways with different products.

I was honoured to be profile for beauty site The File because I don’t believe I’m the typical candidate. I’m still kinda figuring out what I like (especially when it comes to make-up) so I can’t be credited as an expert – still loving the journey so far! I have found a few things that do work for me – and making some progress (slow) to doing better make-up. I’m just excited there’s people out there listening to what I’ve learnt up to this point!

Would love for you guys to check out my beauty profile on The File HERE – the pics have me loving flash photography and it’s a real insite into the kind of products I lug around in my beauty bag while I travel. Hope you like this sneak peak!

Photographed by Kelly Geddes #talent

knit and jacket, Sportmax

heels, Toni Bianco



20150814_Zanita8225 20150814_Zanita7999

P.S. Thanks for sticking around lately! I’m still feeling pretty sick, this flu is a nightmare.

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