Life Update: Bedside Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Don’t let this sassy dance fool you. I’ve been struck down.

I’m typing this from my bed, which I pretty much haven’t left all day. Whole body aches, racking cough, no energy – feeling very sorry for myself. Probably the biggest pitfall of being self employed, if you’re sick, then business comes to a grinding halt – and for me it can’t.

I can’t not post.

I have to keep plugging coal into this engine – and collecting the rain of emails that come to me each day. It’s probably why I’ve gotten so sick in the first place, trying to ignore the early stages of the flu, continuing to work everyday with no rest. Gustav has done the exact same thing.

How do you guys feel about antibiotics? One of the things that scares me most about the future is super bugs and virus. I don’t really want to have to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary – like if I can’t stand or I’m bleeding from my ears (ok maybe before we reach the ears problem) and I have no choice. Right now there’s advertisements on buses in Sydney encouraging people to steer away from antibiotics… I mean, it must be a pretty serious problem if we’re being warned against it right? Long story short, if we aren’t building our immunities because we’re all taking antibiotics, the moment we get sick, we begin to breed super bugs that kill people. Downer.

I might be singing another tune in 48 hours, after I endure 30 hours of economy transit back to Stockholm. That’s not good for the body even if you are in good health.

Anyway, enough complaining from me… and about that dancing image? I created it in collaboration with my 70’s themed Bloglovin’ Shop, so go check it out if you missed my first post about it.

Wish me luck for this flight my loves, I might need it xx

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