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Life Is A Photoshoot

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Nadia 4

I guess life isn’t really about viewing everything through a camera or screen – but we’re certainly giving it a red hot go!

TaNadia 3ke this shoot for example, not really our best work technically because the light and conditions were VERY challenging – but my girl Nadia and I just went for it anyway. The location is ‘Inflight Dubai’, an indoor skydiving venue in on the edge of the Arabian Desert. We were filming there for Fashion Bloggers and I can report that all of us had an incredible time, floating around in the air.

It was Nadia (surprise!) who took the initiative to bring some fashun to the venue, while I was practically attired in a parachute onesie, she hauled out in this incredibly vivid Manning Cartel skirt.

The skirt was an unfortunate casualty of the shoot – as you can see, we had a little bit of ‘underbreeze’ for these snaps – but we did actually try and shoot while Nadia was floating up. The force of the wind beat the skirt to shreds… and even worse news, the photos just didn’t work. Strangely enough, it’s not really a flattering look pose in so much wind your cheeks are flapping and your hair is standing directly up! You can catch all the hijinks in the episode.

So this shoot was more of an experiment than anything else, which sort of failed. We do have this imagery to tell the tale – but I wasn’t delighted with the flat light… I needed to have the settings too low on my camera for real action shots. I won’t detail more of what I think is wrong with these pictures because it really detracts from any romance, or the details that actually do work. In the 90’s – because photographers were working with film and you couldn’t take thousands of images and instantly adapt to any variables – sometimes images would go to publish that were grainy, blurry, out of focus. It’s not always a flaw to have ‘mistakes’ in an image – because there’s also beauty in the imperfect. So often photography these days has a clinical element about it, too perfect, losing that in the moment feeling. It’s why I love shooting spontaneously! It’s such a thrill.

Hope you like these snaps!

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