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Boyish Dressing, Like A Woman

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I’d have to say, around 50 percent of my style choices are inspired by androgyny.

When I was a kid running around on the farm, I was even dubbed a proper tomboy, lopping off my hair and wearing check shirts with jeans and boots. There’s a particle ease about masculine inspired dressing, which I actually think stems from it’s conservatism. Nothing form fitting or skin exposing, very much a safe choice. Could it be that feminine dressing, being fashionable, is more complicated?

Of course!

navy-culottes-lighthouse-vaucluse-silk-shirt-spottedEnter this all navy ensemble from Karen Millen. I probably have more navy in my wardrobe than any other colour – because it’s as close to black as I’m usually willing to go. Strange thing about my nonaffinity for black,  it stems from the fact that all my close friends are monochromaniacs (that’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one). I just don’t wanna wear what other people are wearing! Chloe Drew in exception.

So this is the second and final part in my series working with Karen Millen (check the first here!) – it’s always an privilege to have the creative freedom to share my view, combining brand identities – plus how cute are the shoes?! Hope you all like the results!

dot blouse, Karen Millen

trousers, Karen Millen

grey waist belt, Karen Millen

perforated brogue, Karen Millen


Photographed at the Vaucluse Lighthouse

Photography, Gustav Carlson

Modeling, Me

Thanks so much to Karen Millen


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