Top 3 Simple Pleasures I love Most When Travelling

Written by: Monica Bestek

Top 3 Simple Pleasures I love Most When Travelling 


Just checking in quickly because at the moment I am so unbelievably busy, train, plane, no internet, sight seeing and working – plus it doesn’t help that I get motion sickness while trying to write articles in transit :/


While writing this article I was sitting on a train sitting on a train watching the French country side roll by. Sunflower field after sunflower fields and the odd vivid purple Lavender field, even though I was exhausted I couldn’t go to sleep because I didn’t want to miss the next amazing view. Having just visited Singapore, Beaune and Avignon my next stop is Nice on my European Adventure (Follow my travels on Instagram: @mb_harper) I am headed for some awesome few weeks ahead.

On a side note, There’s something funny about the French which I always thought was a classic cliché, I always thought that people walking around carrying a baguette in their arms or strapping them to their bike was one of those things that never actually happened, like Americans thinking that Aussies fight Kangaroos with one hand while managing not to burn the shrimp on the barbie. But let me tell you it really does happen in France, no joke – like all the time and I FREAKIN LOVE IT! 


The thing about travelling is that you are constantly learning and growing as a person. You’re put into situations where you have to think on your feet, you need to act quickly and you need to get it done otherwise you’re not going to sail smoothly.

While sitting on the train I had been thinking about what I love most about travelling and what gives me that motivation to buy a plane ticket and explore the world and I have some up with three things that get my heart racing.


I love being somewhere new, I love walking around and taking photos and exploring the city. I can be anyone I want. I get to experience new places and meet new people, learn about their stories and how they have arrived in the same place as I have. Every city or town has their own unique stories, culture and people that creates a world full of colour and diversity. Travelling is extremely inspiring; it builds character and creates new possibilities. 

2. Farmers Markets are on the top of my list of must do’s. Exploring new markets and looking at all the amazing fresh produce that they have on offer. Every time I visit somewhere new I have to go to the local markets. Seeing what the locals grow and what’s in season, there’s just something so beautiful about it – I may or may not be obsessed with little baskets of berries, just saying… I also get to sample the food so that’s definitely a plus 😀 

3. I love morning runs in a city – it makes you feel like a local. Weaving in and out of everyone, seeing things you might not have seen when you were walking the same route and taking time for yourself. The fresh air on your face, the smell of the morning air – it’s just so refreshing.  It’s especially wonderful early in the morning as the city is waking up and you experience a different side of it.


Travelling is something that is extremely important to me, it inspires me, it allows me to experience new things and it opens my mind. Sometimes staying in the same place can suffocate you and narrow the way you see things. Get up, get out and get moving and discover somewhere new.  


I would love to know what you find unbelievably beautiful about travelling

I promise I will have a new post coming soon!