The Denim Dungaree in Hyde Park

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I had planned on a video post here – but it seems everything has been standing in the way of our ability to share it with you.


Gustav and I had to barrel through our office this morning in desperation, alarm blaring, to fetch our laptops so we could get our days work done. We’ve just moved in – and somehow, though we were told we could have 24 hour access – we weren’t informed that the office would be alarmed on a Sunday. Phone calls all round didn’t help us so now I’m posting from a cafe, where the wifi isn’t good enough to transfer any video.

It is truly a lifesaver though, to have a place to work away from home – especially as we are a couple, it’s very important to our personal relationship to have a definitive separation from work. Gustav is highly motivated and if we we’re working from home, my resolve tends to peter out by the afternoon and I’m sure it can be aggravating for him, when I want to pump music or watch a tv series and he’s still in email mode. As entrepreneurs, even if we could only just afford to hold a space in an office, it’s totally worth the investment. I can get so much more done. More posts all round!

Today is a gorgeous day in Stockholm, so naturally we are going to Ikea. Gustav and I don’t own a car, mostly because our travel schedule makes its seem like a wasted expense – you can’t take a car with you! One of our friends is away for a few weeks and we have their car in the meantime, so liberating! And Mumma needs coat hangers.

Hope you’re all having an awesome week! Yesterday we went on an adventure to Grinda which is a gorgeous island in the Stockholm Archipelago, a nature reserve. You can see more of those adventures on snapchatfollow me at zanitazanita. 🙂

So this outfit! Snapped again by Adam Katz Sinding  of Le21eme around the time of Aussie fashion week, for an article in H&M life. I was a little too tall for the denim overalls but I loved them so much anyway. Such a fun style.

shirt, Romance Was Born

shoes, Senso

bag, Chloe

overalls, ASOS


Get the look…

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