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Looking Casual In Orange Suede

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Happy Thursday to all of you!

I’m having a great day today – I finally got to chance to publish my long awaited Youtube collaboration with Chloe Morello and Gustav and I also went shopping, bought some new plants. It’s amazing how much difference a few plants can make to the feeling in the room – and also to you health! Nature’s air filters.

I’m looking forward to the next two weeks of life in Sweden, we are settling into a new home and all the finishing touches. I don’t really have any desire to travel, I’m a homebody! Working from the office and commuting, each day, going to the gym. I’m thriving on routine, something I’ve thoroughly lacked over the last six months. Most of all, I’m really enjoying writing and sharing with all of you, it’s so satisfying. It’s been quite a long seven years and my passion for working and this space has ebbed and flowed – right now we are all flow! So thankyou again to all of you for the support – I guess it might be annoying when bloggers are constantly like “emmmrrryggurdd thanx u guyzzz!” but for real. It’s the reason why my life is great and what makes me want to strive to do better.

So here’s some snaps of me in a pretty intense/fun looking suede coat, I wore for MBFWA all the way back in April. These pics were snapped by Adam Katz Sinding of Le21eme for H&M life. You can check out my interview for them HERE.

bag, Karen Walker x Benah

coat, Karen Walker

skirt, Witchery

sneakers, Senso

watch, Michael Kors