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How To: Dress It Down, Rebecca Laurey Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I shot these pics of my girl Rebecca Laurey for her blog whilst we were in NYC a couple months ago.


New York is probably one of my hands-down favourite places to shoot in – because of the buildings, you can always find amazing light bouncing around the place, if you know where to look. In the case of times square, there’s an incredible ambience from all the lit-up billboards and headlights, it’s like the city itself has a glow.

I’m yet to spend a considerable amount of time in New York when it isn’t Fashion Week, meaning, the times I’ve been there all my shoots have been relatively unplanned and on the go. One day I want to do a huge shoot with lots of gowns and models running around the streets.

Until then, these pics of Rebecca comfortably fill the void, she’s so great to photograph!

The best part of this outfit? This is actually a pic of her in her wedding dress. Gorgeous right???

Check out more of Rebecca’s look, including all the outfit credits on HER BLOG.

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Photography by me 😉Rebecca-1c