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How To: Crispy Chicken And Seared Chilli Pineapple Tacos

Written by: Zanita Whittington

If I, for whatever reason, decided to enter a  Miss Universe contest – my special talent would cooking.

I LOVE cooking and we all gotta eat – so I’m interrupting your usual fashion and related rambling style content to invite you into my kitchen for some original recipe, delicious tacos and maybe some singing and dancing.

It’s tasty chaos.

I pretty much just coated the chicken pieces with flour then egg mixed with butter – and then the Panko crumb, threw that in the oven and cooked them up. Then I painted some pineapple slices with coconut oil and sambal chilli and fried them. I put the crispy chicken and seared chilli pineapple  in the warm taco bread with thinly sliced up cabbage, coriander and lime. It was bonanza.

Note: These tacos would also be great with some avocado and maybe some delicious jalapeños. Gustav thinks the chicken would have been better fried in a pan but I went with the healthier option.

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