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Classic Wardrobe Essentials That Will Save Your Mornings – part 2/3

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

It’s all about finding a great plain T-SHIRT, the perfect pair of FLAT SANDALS and BLACK TROUSERS.

Hi guys! Sania speaking again (: and this is the second part of my series about Classic Wardrobe Essentials. Listing 3 more after our first session. SO, the plain t-shirt is one of those piece you can’t have too many of. Grey, white or black. It’s all gonna look perfect. With anything you wear! The second thing is a black trouser. Because they are so very easy to style. Just can’t go wrong with a black trouser and it will be a good supplement for your denim favourites. And third: flat sandals. There was a time I couldn’t find one single pair I liked and now suddenly there are amazing things popping up everywhere.

Just like last time, I’ve decided to show you my personal favourites from the top picks below:

classic wardrobe essentials part 2 favorites shopping tips

1. Wool-Blend Straight Leg Trousers by Jil Sander
2. Perfect Gret T-shirt by Rag & Bone
3. Rosa Cutout Leather Slides by ATP Atelier

..and as promised: more great options:

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– Sania Claus Demina