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Checking In: Amsterdam Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Checking in from Amsterdam…

Because the weather sucks in Stockholm right now. Despite having travelled to a whole load of magical and wonderful places this year, I haven’t really had much of a holiday, so whilst Gustav and I have a job to shoot here, we also took the time for a little break.

We’ve been working our butts off this week – we really want the site to have at least two posts per day so taking every opportunity to make content is a must. It also means I’m trying to give as much of myself as possible and put alot more effort into my articles. I know some of you feel like the content here is a little confused – can I ask, is it easy for you to see the difference in my personal content vs contributor content? Statistically speaking, our contributors have been producing some of the most engaging content we’ve had – so it’s really about how it’s being presented that seems to be the problem.

Meanwhile, if you’re chasing my content only, there’s a link on the header bar for that – and you can find each of our contributors sole content in the contributor section, a page we’re hoping to develop further once our web designers get back from holidays in August!

So I’m headed to the movies this afternoon to see Jurassic Park with Rebecca – I love the cycling lifestyle here in Holland, feels like you can be anywhere in a heartbeat, it’s such an efficient way to travel. Years ago, I tried cycling everywhere in Sydney but the city is just too big, there’s so many hills and it’s also quite dangerous with the traffic, people aren’t very aware of cyclists. I still hope to live in Amsterdam one day! Such a gorgeous place – nothing compares – especially when the sun is shining.

Happy Sunday! xx

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