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7 Ways To Dress For Happiness

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I hope I’m not the only one here who is guilty of getting a little bit happy over clothes.

josh-goot-midi-skirt-tibi-karen-millen-black-shoulder-top-sheer-skirt-pom-pom-heelsI’m a material girl! That’s not to say I NEED any particular item of clothing… that’s just an expression I use when something is just freaking FABULOUS. Like Sophia Webster shoes. I need them…. because they are fabulous and fun. They make me happy.

In fact – there’s a whole load attributes to dressing that actually make me feel happy. Dressing for fun.

Here’s my rules to ‘Dressing for Happiness.’

1. Wear your colours – as in your favourite colours – in my case, I just wear a great variety… or if I’m wearing something plain I’ll add a pop of colour, it’s like my little signature.

2. Fearlessly take risks. Expressing yourself through clothes is what I’m all about – but the most important part of this point, you aren’t allowed to give any f*cks about what people think. Like yesterday – I had a bunch of negative comments about my outfit on social media… I really couldn’t care less. I’m dressing me – for me!!

3. It’s gotta be comfortable. Here’s a news flash about those skinny jeans that you have to thrust and jump around to fit into? Your lady parts are NOT thanking you for it. Wear clothes that fit you well and fabrics your skin likes otherwise you’re inviting daily irritation into your life. Definitely wear comfortable underwear.

4. Care about what you wear. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and just can’t give any f*cks about my personal styling. It’s on those days that I almost always run into a  PR girl or an editor on the street. Why didn’t I just iron that shirt that actually compliments my outfit?! Go that little extra mile to look put together and you can feel more confident throughout the day.

Add a pop of colour!


5. Find what suits your body type. We all wanna feel good in what we wear. I personally have (ridiculous) hang-ups about my shoulders so I feel way more confident in shirts… You gotta know what works for you! And asking a friend what they think is probably a good option because we all suffer from personal bias.

6. Wear fun pieces. This is totally about personal preference – but for me, the most fun pieces are onesies, dungarees and overalls – and then flippy midi skirts. I just think these items are super cute and have a playfulness that jeans and t-shirt simply don’t offer. You might have more fun wearing peter-pan collars or circle skirts… it’s really up to you!

7. Use accessories. I’m actually a bit guilty of not following this tip too often – but accessories can really amp up the personality of an otherwise simple look. Guess it all adds to the confidence you should feel when styled up in a good outfit. Just add something shiny!

Hope you enjoyed these methods! I love wearing clothes that make me happy. Style should always be fun.

skirt, Josh Goot

top, Tibi

bag, Karen Millen

sunglasses, Celine

shoes, Sophia Webster


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