6 Fabulous Ways To Style Your Jeans

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

The foundation and key to your personal style.

All those Wardrobe Essentials I’ve been talking about lately are not to be mixed up with ‘boring’. I would rather say it’s the opposite. You got the basics, yes, but nobody is really supposed to notice. So now it’s time for some fun and here are 6 fabulous ways Zanita styled her denim and as always she does manage to look everything but boring…no?


zanita outfit how to style denim

1. Bootcut jeans with a chunky heel and peep toe details. Side note: this color combination feels very luxurious.

zanita outfit how to style denim 7

2. Baggy fit with a relaxed (but heeled) sneaker. Also, a pop of red is always a good idea.

zanita outfit how to style denim 6

3. Loose fit jeans, chic-ed up with those strappy sandals. Yet casual thanks to the striped top and transparent sunglasses (looks good with anything white).

zanita outfit how to style denim 5

4.Patchwork on your denim will automatically make it more interesting. And then you keep the fun going: furry bag and metal details on your heels, yess!

zanita outfit how to style denim 4

5. Oversized denim with this grey t-shirt styled with red (as stated above, always a good idea!) loafers. Side note: the grey hat and silver bag adds a lot of fun to the very basic grey t-shirt.

zanita outfit how to style denim 3

6. Flared jeans with flat shoes = win! And they make a perfect base for any pattern you might love.

…and in case you need to update your denim-pile, here you go, our top picks from the whole wide internet: