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3 Inspiring Reasons to Exercise – That Aren’t Related To Your Weight

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Exercise can change your life.

bff7d065a926248451414681175bdf67Even though Monica is definitively our resident work out expert, I was inspired to write this post while standing in the line for a coffee recognising that I felt FABULOUS post a seriously challenging work out. In my years working as a model, I found it really easy to be motivated to exercise because the amount of money I earnt had an almost direct correlation to how slim I was (yes, that’s pretty fucked up). What came with that way of thinking was my hang-up’s with food… I remember once having a binge on Nutella and rice crackers, followed by this overwhelming sense of panic, like I was gaining kgs on my ass as I digested my food. The food was fine, it was the thinking that was unhealthy.

I’m grateful to be getting older, because those hang-ups that once absorbed my thoughts in my early twenties have passed – and I’ve developed new motivators to get moving. I don’t really place so much self-worth on my weight or appearance – or more like, I’m comfortable with the shape I am, even if I gain a few kgs I won’t consider punishing myself with guilt.

So now, these are the reasons I strap myself into sneakers…


Mental Clarity.

It was specifically this point that inspired my article. A good run or workout can help you clear your head and solve a few problems because of increased serotonin levels. Whilst I was standing in line for coffee, I realised I had a heightened awareness – I could sense the breeze through the door, the smell of the coffee, I felt both energised and focused – it was a kind of subtle exhilaration! All because I had just walked out of a good sweaty training session – and the feeling hasn’t left me hours later.  Exercise is a natural anti-stress treatment.

Improved Energy – and Productivity.

I feel this point almost defies logic, how can you gain more energy by doing more? I was able to prove this point myself years ago when I went through a phase of regular tough workouts – sometimes twice a day. For some reason, I was only needing around 6 hours of sleep a night and my energy levels didn’t wain through the day, so deciding to go for a second workout didn’t really seem like much of stretch. I don’t think it’s necessary to work out THAT much, but knowing how great it was to gain extra energy and in turn, increase my productivity, proved to be incredibly valuable. Some of the world’s leaders in various fields are so busy, yet wouldn’t consider giving up regular exercise because it’s a vital building block in achieving their daily goals. If you want to get more done to the best of your ability, exercising should be a priority.

Greater Strength.

This one I observed from myself just last week. Prior to a month ago, my exercise habits were very minimal and irregular. You could say I’d ‘fallen off the wagon’ when it came to working out. I’m a little ashamed to admit – I would arrive at the office and choose the elevator over the stairs – even though I was just two floors up. I just didn’t have the energy to tackle the stairs, I know I would feel a bit puffed when I reached the top because I simply lacked strength. I’m happy to report that now I wouldn’t really consider the elevator (unless I’m carrying alot of stuff!) because it feels so easy to dash up the stairs – and that goes for all those little physical exertions through the day, like running for the bus or carrying in the washing inside, lifting up a child. This benefit will creep up on you and you won’t really grasp the full benefit until your well into your routine. These small things are really life changing!

We all need find our own personal motivators to get us out and exercising.

What’s so important is finding the right ones – that get us inspired in a positive way. Hopefully these points have helped some of you find that little bit of extra drive you need. You never regret a workout!

Zanita x


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