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Understand How to Create Your Own Destination

Written by: Monica Bestek

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. – Earl Nightingale

Just before I decided to write this post, I bumped into someone I went to school with and we had a conversation I never thought I’d have with that particular person. After talking for a while we both agreed that what we were doing was something that we were meant to be doing, going against what is considered normal and doing what we love.

For years I have been torn with what to do. Go to University and make my parents proud but not be passionate or happy with what I was doing – not go to Uni and disappoint them but feel more aligned with my passion and direction. I choose to disappoint. I tried Uni, I can do it – but, it just wasn’t for me. I searched and searched for what I wanted to do and yet all I was drawn to was fashion and fashion design. However, I wasn’t entirely sure what ‘job’ or ‘role’ I wanted. So, I decided that I would focus on gaining knowledge and studying what I loved on my own terms. I choose what I wanted to do. I chose to do it a different way and I have zero regrets.

You need to choose you.

You need to learn and develop yourself to the best you can be. We are dictated and influenced by what society thinks and believes – that’s just how it is. But what happened to pushing boundaries and living an extraordinary life? Why are we all trying to fit a mold that might not suit who we are or what we want to be? If your dream is to be a gypsie – be a gypsie, if your dream is to be a busker in New York – do that, if you want to become a philosopher – be that.  Choose you. Listen to the people around you, take what benefits you and leave what isn’t going to help you, be respectful of the advice you’re given but do what you think is right for you. There are vitally important things you can learn from someone disagreeing with you IF, you are open and willing to analyse what they are saying – it may not even be their intention, but someone who doesn’t believe in your dream for instance, might just give you the gusto to pursue it.

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Failing vs achieving

You’re going to fail and your going to fall hard. But what makes an achievement real and wonderful is getting up from a failure and working even harder to reach your dreams.

It might take you a few weeks or months to feel better about your failure but remember why you are doing something and keep going, work towards the person you want to be. Failing at something you love is much harder to recover from, but in the end it’s so much more powerful when you get up and attack it again. I haven’t reached my dream yet, but every day I am taking steps that are getting me closer to what I want to do. Will I get there? I believe so but, we will see – we only have one beautiful life so why not do everything in your power to achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t be subjected to the whims and intentions of others if it does not align with who you are.

Working Hard

For some people things come easily but for others they take damn hard work and commitment. Sometimes you reach a point and you don’t know which way to go and you just want to take the easy road – which, at the time might seem like the perfect idea. But why? You’re likely to get bored and dissatisfied with that, you’ll wind up wanting more and begin the cycle of searching to fill that void in your life. Find what you love and work hard for it. Create your own destination.


Everyone has a passion or will one day find what his or her passion is. It gives you that feeling you just can’t get rid of – it makes you get up in the morning, it makes you want to live every day to the fullest, it makes you not want to quit. In the end, it’s usually one of the things that simply makes you happy. Find what drives you and go with it. Follow that feeling. 

Choose the life you want to live not the one others expect you to live.

– Mon 

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