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My Top Ten People You Need to Follow On Snapchat!

Written by: Zanita Whittington


There’s no denying it – Snapchat is here to stay.

I’ll be the first to admit, I kinda didn’t ‘get it’ when I first tried using the app… I mean, what’s being offered here that isn’t already available through instagram, whatsapp, twitter….? Here is who to follow!

Now I’m think snapchat is AMAZING. Especially now I understand the ‘stories’ function, which is basically like creating your own movie throughout the space of 24 hours. Fashion bloggers give a whole load of their personality and style to their blogs and social media but it’s always throughly curated and edited –  where snapchat smashes away all of that. BEST OF ALL?! There’s no comments, so the users are more fearless about what they share – because there’s not really much of a chance to be hated on.

Here’s who I think you should be following on snapchat…


Name: zanitazanita

Well of course I’m going to tell you to follow me! Haha!

Recently I was able to share a whole load of my trips to Dubai, Thredbo and Florence – and this weekend I’m headed in the Swedish heartland for Midsommar. I’m gonna post all that goes down over this famous holiday – including some footage of all the Swedes doing the frog dance around the Maypole… you totally don’t wanna miss out on that.

Following me on snapchat is alot like watching my vlogs on youtube… there’s just a whole lot more of it.







harper-and-harley_wardrobe-essentials_balmain_blazer_silk-blazk-dress_1-maucz60q8geq5c2ywer1dtb08moc7su67ykpbq0mqwName: HarperandHarley

I love following Sara, not only because she is one of my besties – but she’s taken to Snapchat like a duck to water which is something I’m very proud, especially those ‘talking to camera’ type videos which can be pretty confronting to get used to.

There’s also a whole lot of Bundy and Ben (the cutest labradors around!) on her channel.

It’s very cool to see what goes on behind the scenes on the world of Harper and Harley.

Don’t miss it.







Name: garypeppergirl

Nicole was the person who got me hooked on snapchat – and she’s probably the one blogger who gives you the most exciting insight into high fashion events.

While her career hits stratospheric levels, Nicole takes you into fittings with luxury brands, along to events (hello Tony Awards!) and shares her fabulous (new) New Yorker lifestyle.

Follow Nicole to really get an insight into her personality and lifestyle –  if you’re a fan it’s everything you would hope for!








Another one of my besties, Rebecca Laurey lives in Amsterdam – which in my opinion is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world!

Recently she’s been snapping from her canal boat and bike rides around the city. She has killer style so you can check out elements of her wardrobe and what goes on behind her blog, Raspberry n Rouge… not to mention for some reason, she’s always eating the most delicious food!

Definitely one to follow!






Melissa_Findley-Tuula_Japan-7Name: jessicamaystein

Tuula, aka ‘Death by Wanderlust’  is easily the most travelled fashion blogger you’ll ever meet. Her recent trips to Bali and Japan have made me want to punch her in the face (in the nicest possible way).

Follow my girl Jess for the sweetest kind of escapism, she’s got it down to a tee.








Chloe-1Name: morellomachine

In case you missed THIS POST – Chloe is one of my good friends and an incredible make-up artist and youtuber (over a million subs!) – therefore, she’s an absolute natural when it comes to sharing and snapchat. She loves her followers and is so giving, so when you following Chloe it really feels likes you’re hanging out with her!

Of course – following Chloe will also bring you a bonanza of make-up tips.

Run don’t walk!






NAndyTorresForrestame: stylescrapbook

Andy Torres is one of fashion blogging’s pioneers – also based out of Amsterdam but almost constantly on the move. Like Chloe – she’s a really natural sharer and a heavy user of snapchat.

I love following Andy because she always inspires me to workout – and she has one of the most enviable wardrobes in the business.

So cool to follow this girl on her adventures, it’s always surprising!









Name: realmametown

It doesn’t have to be all fashion – it can be about cocktails too! I love Mamrie Hart – she’s got a youtube channel which basically centres around making cocktails but is actually funny as hell.

So follow Mamrie for some laughs! She’s one of those people I just wish could be my best friend – plus i wanna steal her dog  Beans, he’s also hilarious.









Name: songofstyle

Arguably the biggest thing to come out of the USA Fashion Blogging scene since instagram – Aimee is living the life so many girls dream of – and she’s got the BEST knack for accessorising.

I never know where Aimee is going to pop up next – I remember last year she went swimming with Great White’s in South Africa.

Aimee can’t be stopped! Check her out.








Name: camtyox

Camille ‘So stylish it hurts’ Charriere is a London-based frenchie and another who’s taken to snapchat like it’s on trend.  Her account is not only a ride along to her travels and stylish escapades, but an invite to party with the most gorgeous and stylish people around.

Camille is probably my number one in the ‘want to raid wardrobe’ stakes.

Go follow!






I hope you’ve enjoyed this list!

If you guys know anyone else worth following on Snapchat – it’s probably the one thing I dislike about the app, it’s so hard to find great people to follow. Even google doesn’t deliver much! 

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