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Man Of Today

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Dear Dad,


I just wanted to write you to tell you that life is good. Actually, my life feels like a miracle – because I’m truly living my dream.



Maybe you aren’t even aware of it, but I see you and your examples for a life well lived. Rising to life challenges with tenacity and grace, unshaken. Holding love and family above everything. Enjoying the little things.




Thank you for teaching me me that money isn’t as important as people might think, more of just a means to an end. I know now that I need to work hard to achieve fulfilment in life but the real things that bring us happiness are never the material.




There are unending ways a child can be guided by their parents. I feel lucky because not all of them wish liberty for their offspring, though they might say otherwise. You taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be. You also said you would be proud of me, whatever I chose. It has been the greatest gift.




My life is an incredibly exciting journey – and a modern one. Who would have thought a girl from the country would grow to travel the world and run a digital business? The most profound lesson you have taught me is that I should never be limited by my own mind – or someone else’s ideas of what it was to be a woman.



I’m so grateful for all your smiling encouragement, your unwavering love and support, for being a man of today.


All my love,


Zanita xo



This post was created in collaboration with Hugo Boss Bottled fragrance and is dedicated to my Dad, Murray Whittington for Father’s Day.