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My Hong Kong Adventure

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I feel very lucky to say I’ve enjoyed a #lifewelltravelled. I feel like I’ve had the greatest education from my experiences, I’ve met so many people and had some incredible unique connections – not to mention some amazing adventures.

My recent trip to Hong Kong was one of my life’s highlights – it’s such a unique city, full of energy, so modern and with a great blend of all things exotic. Best of all, I got to meet Rheanna – who won the #lifewelltravelled competition to come along and enjoy the same trip.  We made dim sum together (and they were delicious!) as well as experienced a 6 course culinary journey, through 4 restaurants at the Peninsula Hotel.  We had an amazing time, really living in the moment.

And I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so well!

Anyway – the best way for me to share my trip to Hong Kong is of course in this video, produced by Gustav. Would love to know your thoughts, it’s really an honour for me to share this with you all. Hit me up in the comments if you’d like any tips about visiting Hong Kong.

Thanks so much to Cathay Pacific for making this adventure possible.

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