Hers Vs His – The Weekend Getaway Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington


So we have a MYSTERY couple, dreaming of a weekend away. Their chosen destination? Sunny Italy – Positano or maybe Capri.

She’s been waiting for this a long time. A break from her phone, a break from her email account. Blissful moments in the sun, by a pool drinking Hendricks and tonic with cucumber or margaritas – where she isn’t going to run into anyone she knows. For her this break could really be anywhere in the world it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an escape with her guy by her side. As an avid huge fan of tomato and mozzarella, Italy could never be a bad choice. She can post the instagrams later.

The last time he visited Italy was 3 years ago and he’s been trying to plot a revisit ever since. The fact that his love is desperately seeking a getaway spells fate. The Italians know food and this guy is a foodie of the ages – a good Italian feed of pasta and pizza makes his heart flutter.  Top of his list is a boat cruise into the sunset with wine and the girl he loves most.



We can’t wait for our weekend away!!  xx