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Empires and the Internet: Meet Youtuber Chloe Morello

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Extra extra! On tonight’s episode of Fashion Bloggers, I hang out with the incredibly gorgeous Beauty Youtuber, Chloe Morello.

We discussed all things video content and building your own business – and we also did this photoshoot with some incredible Toni Maticevski dresses. If you’re Down Under you can see it all happen on E! at 9.30pm.


So as you can see, Chloe is a real beauty – but that isn’t the deciding factor on what makes her youtube channel boast over ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, it’s her magnetic energy and sense of humour. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan – despite not really being a big make-up user myself. Get involved with Chloe’s Channel, you can easy see what makes her so loved.

I’ve always loved watching Youtube and following a lot of well-known Youtubers, not only do I find the videos entertaining but the whole phenomenon is totally fascinating. What is it that makes one person online a million times more popular than another? And what do you do with a million subscribers hanging on your every word?  In my experience, it’s really that these Youtube stars invite you into their world in a very personal way – your privy something really personal, spoken from their homes.

It’s very easy to feel connected with the person in the screen when the content is so genuine.

Chloe-1They have to have really thick skin too – I’ve certainly had my few battles with trolls online – but Youtube is where they really come out and it’s so damn ugly. I spoke to Chloe about how it felt and she’s very level headed about it, choosing to read into the positive rather than the negative. I applaud anyone who can share the way she does online – she rocks it with grace and humour.

So Chloe is really ‘One to Watch’ leading the charge in the new wave of media, as an online celebrity (she’ll hate me for saying that) and a digital enterpreneur. So excited to see what the future brings for this girl!!

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One of my favourite video from Chloe,  so funny and chill!

Chloe-4Chloe-2Photography by Me

Chloe Morello wearing Toni Maticevski 

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