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Blue Is The Warmest Colour: Denim Stories

Written by: Zanita Whittington


denim-senso-patchwork-jeans-cardigan-jacket-blue-jimmy-chooBlue is easily the most common hue of all the clothes in my suitcase/wardrobes. I guess I’m drawn to it because of my colouring, but I’ll forever see blue tones in the same bracket as neutral.

I’m so swamped with work at the moment, I know you all get these kinds of complaints often from bloggers but it’s a challenge for me to think of anything else to share with you all now! I’ve got at least 6 editorials due to be edited from Dubai that should have been submitted for yesterday, I need to arrange all the posting for the next few days this afternoon because I’m going to be booked out over the weekend with filming commitments… Plus endless other smaller things! I feel sorry for people trying to get in contact with me… like my Mum!

It is wonderful though, to have TOO much to do. I remember years back, just hoping and waiting for gigs to pop up in my inbox – or turning down modelling gigs because I wanted to focus on my site – but being unsure if I’d get enough work to survive the next few months! Fake it till you make it they say.

I’m one of the lucky ones out there – in terms of haters – I really don’t have to deal with them often… but something that really frustrates me is when people say Fashion Bloggers are just from rich families who buy clothes and don’t have to work. I’ve heard it quite a bit lately! I don’t know a single fashion blogger who isn’t self made! I hope that the conversations I have here can break down some stereotypes of people in my industry, I really want to share as much as I can so you all know what its like and all about.

So on that note – I would love to do a blog post in the next week or so, answering any questions you might have about professional fashion blogging – feel free to ask anything!


denim jacket with boucle layer, Maison Scotch

heels, Senso

bag, Jimmy Choo

jeans, Scotch and Soda 

tee, ASOS


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