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A Million Things to See In Dubai

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Was it all a hazy hot dream??

I’m actually posting this from my room in Threadbo – which I know some of you might hard to believe – is actually Australia’s premier ski resort! What a contrast!

So I’m sharing these images from Dubai, and they are really just a fraction of what I snapped while I was there but I can’t really share much more with you until the episode airs which should be in a number of weeks. It was so great to share this trip with my girls and fellow Fashion Bloggers alumni,  Nadia Fairfax (Fairfax Journal), Sara Donaldson (Harper and Harley) and Kate Waterhouse (Kate Waterhouse). Very much missed Mandy Shadforth aka Oracle Fox. 

Look forward to sharing more snaps of Dubai sooner rather than later, meanwhile I hope you enjoy these. xx