Satin Sleeved Superhero

Written by: Zanita Whittington


You won’t catch me wearing black very often – but when you do – it’s going to be a piece with unique details.


I feel like my sense of personal style is growing up. I’m not into mini-dresses. I’m not crazy for denim cut-offs. I not really one for slogan t-shirts… then again, when we are talking fashion I never want to lock myself to any rules! 12 months ago I would have told you ‘You won’t catch me dead wearing brown!” and lo and behold, That 70’s Trend arrives and we’re head to toe from rust to hazel.

pants-knit-sweater-satin-solarize-sleevesSo here’s me in as much of a ‘grown-up’ look as I can muster. I’m even wearing a whole load of make-up! The knit feels so right because of it’s unique details, the satin sleeve and the woolly body details – and the funnel neckline which I’m so fond of.

Trousers are something I never have enough of in my wardrobe. What I love about them is you can pair them with a t-shirt and still look effortlessly chic – more confident than just pair with a simple jean. This pair is really perfection, slinging loosely around my hips and having just enough detail (for me) that it doesn’t get boring.

So we snapped these images in studio! Surprisingly enough, there are a million different variations you can achieve from just a light and a white background in the studio. It allows for editing techniques that would otherwise look a bit off kilter on location – and you can create real drama with lighting that wouldn’t allow any variable when you’re outside.

I hope you guys like these effects! I’m really just playing around – I’m still learning in the studio because there’s also an incredible different variety of lights that you can utilise. Can’t wait to experiment even more!

This post was created in collaboration with Karen Millen, a UK brand famed for their incredible quality and chic aesthetic (and right now have free shipping down under!!). Thanks so much to the team at Karen Millen for having us on board. It’s always an honour to share my creative vision for a label I believe in.

Photography, Gustav Carlson – Editing and creative direction, Zanita (me!)

satin sleeved knit top, Karen Millen

side striped trousers, Karen Millen

peep toe leather booties, Karen Millen