How to: Master Work Wear for Any Occasion

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’m so thrilled to be finally sharing with you the results of my latest collaboration with iconic UK label Reiss and one of my closest friends and fellow Fashion Bloggers alumni, Sara from Harper and Harley.

With Summer in the City vibes in mind, Sara and I took to Sydney’s Martin Place. With the help of Gustav we navigated a VERY large lens and posed up a storm in some of Reiss’ best pieces to compliment your working wardrobe. What I love best about Reiss and what made this collaboration so perfect, there’s some classic pieces for everyone. I’m not really a minimal and monochramatic kinda girl – unlike Sara – yet both of us worked looks that made us feel totally confident. Here’s the 101.


The Light Trenchcoat

A trench coat is one of the those pieces that I believe suits absolutely everyone. For workwear, a light trench is more comfortable than a blazer and in my case, helps you bring a sweet dress into the work place while still looking like you’re here for business. Sara’s navy trench adds a confident element to what would be quite a fun and casual ensemble.

Zanita: DressTrench       Sara: TrenchT-ShirtShorts


All White

In the summer, white is a holiday staple – but how about for the office? Rules are meant to be broken. Office wear should be sensible but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be bright and fabulous. Wearing all white lightens up any day! Just be maybe skip having that curry for lunch #stains.

Sara: T-Shirt Skirt        Zanita: Knit SkirtBag


Office to Dinner

There’s nothing worse than having to go from the office to a fine dinner and feeling dowdy or uptight in plain workwear. I’m sure of you might disagree with me, that a mini has no place in the office – but I think in this modern time – anything should go! My rule for mini skirts and meetings – if sitting down feels awkward and you need to adjust your skirt ‘on the reg’ then leave it for the weekend. Sara’s all black ensemble feels conservative enough for the office but moves easily and has a fun flow if you should so happen to end up on the d-floor! My mini skirt is sharpened up with a white shirt but still has a stylish element that feels right for a nice meal in my favourite restaurant. Plan ahead or plan for the unexpected!

Sara:  T-ShirtBelt Skirt Heels     Zanita: ShirtSkirt


Casual Vs Power Dressing

Let’s face it – all work places aren’t created equally. If you’re working in a Law Firm, the norm could be a little more structured than creative. Even though my work as a creative means I’m total freedom with my attire, I’ll still dress in a professional manner when it comes to important meetings. The why I get around this is by wearing pieces with soft structure – but still loads of colour and print. ‘I’m here for business, but I’m still going to express myself with style’. Sara’s look still speaks with the same philosophy – but in a more formal way. Suiting doesn’t have to be black/navy – a textured print can work too. You can have a bit of fun regardless of your work style limitations.

Zanita: TrenchSkirt        Sara: BlazerTrousers – Heels

You can still more imagery on Reiss’ site HERE along with an interview from yours truly. x

Photography, Me

Styling and Modelling, Sara and Me

Photography Assistant, Gustav