Checking In: Life Update Hong Kong Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Gustav and I are eating our way through Hong Kong.

I haven’t had a chance to visit this city in quite a number of years and now that I’m here I can’t really understand why. There’s so much to do and and see, this place is full of culture and life. We are here working with the airline, Cathay Pacific – and it feels like an absolute dream! But more to come on that later.

The past two weeks I’ve travelled across 4 continents and through 6 timezones – which is pretty crazy even for me. I don’t really like doing such flying ‘sample’ visits to destinations. For me – the best way to consume a new city is to really bunker in for a good week, get a bit of a routine, visit the tourist landmarks but also do as the locals do.

I think I needed more time in Stockholm to re-couperate but it wasn’t to be – upon arrival I got to ‘enjoy’ our apartment lacking a kitchen… instead there was a dusty construction site and an empty hole. I thought it would be fine to stay there but it does feel  a little bit like camping when you don’t have functional amenities in your home. I had full suitcases to empty/switch over and the contents of our kitchen littered all through the place – our pots and pans have found a home on our bedroom floor!embroidered-shirt-striped-mini-skirt-hong-kong-streets-drew-bag

Ultimately this isn’t something to be complained about! We are due for return to Sweden in mid-june whereby upon return we will find a totally completed kitchen (SO excited about this) and with some lucky, so perfect summer days. Can’t tell you how much I love summer in Sweden, I’ve ranted about it here before but seriously it rocks. The Swedes are so happy in the summer – by comparison most Aussies take good weather for granted. Why? Cos
there’s a damn lot of it.

So what’s upcoming for us? Next week I’m flying home to Western Australia for a much needed ‘break’ with my family. Luckily Esperance is such a beautiful spot, we can still make some wonderful content for you all. Follow that it’s back to Sydney for the final push in filming Fashion Bloggers. Can’t believe Season 2 is really happening! I have such a crazy life/schedule that I haven’t really had time to take it all in. The show is airing in over 120 countries… Crazy!! And again, I’m really sorry that it’s not available online, I wish it was.

So now I’m sharing these images with you snapped in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It’s so great to be wearing such light clothing, I’m finally getting over dressing for the winter climate. Very much looking forward to sharing all that went down with our #lifewelltravelled experience here in Hong Kong.

Thanks so much again!

Drew bag, Chloe

sandals, Zeus & Dione

shirt and skirt, Zara