Checking In From Dubai

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Sending you all an update from sunny and very hot Dubai, a city that’s just over 40 years old located in the United Arab Emirates.

hawaiian-shirt-denim-shorts-jimmy-choo-josh-gootI didn’t really know what to expect of this place but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised, there’s so much to do here. Looking forward to sharing more of that.

I was a little concerned about what to wear and what was appropriate, but as it happens – most of my wardrobe fits the criteria for modesty. In hotels and resorts and at restaurants you can really wear whatever you like – it’s mostly malls and some public areas where shoulders and upper legs should be covered. I’m all for liberty – but when you’re travelling in other countries, I do believe in being respectful of traditions and culture. One thing I won’t do is cover-up my head or face – but the solution to that for me is just don’t visit places where that is expected or required. It’s a complicated issue – I truly believe that people should be free to wear whatever as they like but I’m not interested in offending anyone if I can avoid it. Would love to know your thoughts on the matter!

So something a little more light-hearted – this Josh Goot shirt dress looks so good on the beach doesn’t it??

I’ve actually got the longest torso ever, so short dresses are always only ever going to work as shirts for me. Grass is always greener huh?

I’ve got loads more work to do – and then it’s off for more desert adventures! Follow me on snapchat for all the Fashion Bloggers behind the scenes action! You can find me at – zanitazanita.

shirt, Josh Goot

belt, ASOS

bag, Jimmy Choo

shorts, Vintage

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