Cat Street Antique Markets Hong Kong

Written by: Zanita Whittington

It can be challenging to find souvenirs when travelling – that don’t end up looking like trash when you bring them back into your home. If you’re ever in Hong Kong – I know where you can find some real treasures that can stand neatly alongside you home decor, look the part and be a cool conversation starter.


Cat-street-market-vintage-hong-kong-streetsThe Cat Street Antique Markets aren’t actually located on Cat Street, but on Upper and Lower Lascow Row in the Sheung Wan district. The name apparently comes from the fact that some stores sell stolen goods, known in chinese (Cantonese?) as Mouse Goods  – 老鼠貨 thus those who shop there are ‘Cats’…according to wikipedia. Either way I spied a cute little jade cat that I’m sure would bring me some good luck.

My one regret about visiting the markets is the fact that I didn’t really buy very much. Post my journey to Hong Kong, I’ve another month of travelling and I wasn’t very inspired by the idea of carrying delicate posters in my suitcase for that time. I can really see one of those vintage Bruce Lee posters looking so perfect framed in my new apartment! Will have to wait until my next visit to Hong Kong, which I hope is sooner rather than later.

The worst thing about being in Hong Kong was that I happened to arrive the very day that Geneva from A Pair And A Spare was leaving for Australia. It was thanks to her outstanding guide to Hong Kong HERE that I was led the the Cat Street Markets in the first place. Thanks so much Geneva.

Looking forward to sharing more of my trip really soon, Gustav and I filmed a whole lot of video as part of our collaboration with Cathay Pacific and #lifewelltravelled.

dress, Kate Sylvester
Cat-street-market-jade-vintage-hong-kongCat-street-markets-plane-airport-vintage-hong-kong Cat-street-markets-vintage-hong-chinese-kong Cat-street-market-vintage-hongkong-chinese-kong Cat-street-markets-posters-girl-vintage-hong-kong