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Welcome To The Jungle

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Nicole-7Nicole-6 Nicole-9 Nicole-1 Nicole-2 Nicole-5

Thrilled to be sharing these images, a little something I shot with Nicole for Ralph Lauren whilst the pair of us were in NYC for Fashion Week. It’s pretty tough to convey how challenging it was to get these images and full credit has to go to Nicole for how brave she was in the wind and the minus 10 degree (celcius) weather – still managing to look graceful for these shots is quite the feat! We even had a guy on the street approach us and donate hand warmer pads to our team! Myself as the photographer, fully clothed in a warm coat and scarf found the whole thing near unbearable. Looking at these makes me feel like it was worth it though!

We really only had about 1.5 hours to shoot as I had to rush off to the airport – I so wish we could have continued and snapped even more because I feel like we were onto a good thing. Nicole and I have vowed to shoot again, at the next opportunity that our where schedules meet. Hopefully we can bring it even further!

Model, Styling and Art Direction by Nicole Warne for Ralph Lauren

Photography and Editing by Me