My New Favourite Songs

Written by: Zanita Whittington

This might be one of my lazier song recommendation posts, but it’s really just the songs I’m listening to now – I’ve been busy working on details involved in launching the new site… particularly one detail which means has been blocked from Facebook and Instagram for no good reason at all. Working on a resolution! I may have shed a few tears of exasperation this morning. It kinda reminded me how tangible losing my whole business could be if say… the internet died. Jeepers.

So now I’m listening to music to cheer and motivate me!

It’s definitely not the newest and freshing set of tracks I’ve ever put here, some may even be repeats!  With any luck you can be cheered and energised by one of these happy tracks, its all for the cause.

I’m sitting up this evening organising my wardrobe… it’s a monster task. Play those tracks! Fold, hang, repeat.

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