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Posting today from on set of an editorial shoot, having the chance to work alongside my girl Sara and with one of Australia’s most talented fashion photographers, Simon Lekias. This shoot is due for release on the 26th so I’ll be able to share all really soon. It’s pretty rare in fashion for there to be such a tight turn around, I remember in my modelling days – if I shot for a magazine or a brand there would usually be about a 3 month waiting period for the images to be released. I would usually forget the shoots were due for release and they would catch me by surprise!

Hopefully I’ll have time this week to shoot some videos for my youtube – I’m planning on getting a ‘day in my life’ video happening and hopefully a collab video with Sara, I just need to convince her to take part. Maybe after a nice glass of wine!

The rest of my week is filled with shooting/filming everyday. No rest for the wicked!

sunglasses, Poppi Lissiman

vest, Fablo

tshirt, Etre Cecile

jeans, Levis

shoes, Senso

bag, CH Carolina Herrera

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Written by: Zanita Whittington