Dearest Travel Companion,

Outfit-112e-1024x648I’m so excited to be going on this trip with you! I might be only 29 – but I’ve certainly enjoyed a #lifewelltravelled, filled with meaningful and rewarding experiences. It’s made up who I am today, stronger and happier – and excited to learn and travel even more!

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? I’ve had the chance to visit twice, but both times have been fleeting visits – and there’s so much to see I’m thrilled to go again and we are flying in style with Cathay!

zbw2This city is famous for it’s food, maybe you shouldn’t eat too much in the lead up because we have a lot to get through. Being an Aussie, I’m a huge fan of Cantonese food and it’s something I’m pretty deprived of in my travels, it’s near impossible to find throughout mainland Europe.¬†We’re going to be taking part in a Culinary Journey – which is like a ‘pub crawl’ but with food – so you’re not going to feel terrible in the morning! Haha!

I like to think of myself as a pretty good (awesome!) cook – but Cantonese food is one cuisine I’ve never even attempted. We’re signed up for a Dim Sum cooking class at the Peninsula Academy (at the Iconic Peninsula Hotel), so the challenge is on! I’m going to out-dumpling you for sure. Bring it ūüėČ

Hong Kong is a colourful city so I’m looking forward to snapping some great shots for a photo diary – and also to do a video for my youtube channel. My last photo diary from Marrakech was one of the more popular posts I’ve ever done – sharing travel through photography is my passion. I hope you’re not camera shy!

I learn so much from travelling, and hatch some of my greatest ideas and find wonderful inspiration. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing some thoughts. You can learn so much about yourself from being outside your comfort zone, it’s how I found my confidence and learnt my path. I’m sure this trip is going to be rich with experience, make sure to enjoy a glass of Champagne on your flight to get in the mood for a wonderful stay in Hong Kong!


Zanita ūüôā

Ok – so I we¬†haven’t actually chosen a¬†winner yet! But¬†if you’re an Aussie – you can find out how to enter the¬†#LifeWellTravelled Competition HERE¬†and join me on an¬†incredible adventure in Hong Kong. Please don’t miss out! There’s so much to see and I’m so¬†thrilled to have the chance to¬†travel with one of YOU.

Counting down!
Counting down!



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