Checking In: Life Update (Puppy Edition)

Written by: Zanita Whittington

IMG_1741Squueeeee! Say hello to Ben aka @adventuresoflittleben aka Sara’s new black labrador puppy. I’m so excited to meet him – and wishing I could get a puppy of my very own… though its kind of amazing how much care and attention a new puppy needs. Growing up on the farm, when we had new puppies, they would sort of get left to their own devices – but when you’re the sole carer in a house of apartment it’s a whole different story!

So by now you might have found out I’m in Australia, getting ready for a whole new season for Fashion Bloggers and loads more. So excited about what’s ahead, everything is bigger and badder this season and we are like a little family.  It’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever had the chance to be part of…. airing all over the world! Can you believe that?

New goals lately, I really want to get fit and healthy. I do a lot of sitting in front of a computer – sitting in the dark like Gollum and its terrible. I’m constantly sore in my back and neck and my energy levels wain throughout the day. I can feel that if I don’t push myself now I’m going to end up with some long lasting injury. I’m also having problems with stress – which is really just an issue over dealing with problems mentally, something that comes much easier when you’re feeling vital. I recently heard of a friend who had to quit work from being burnt out – and they mentioned that the solution was exercising. Here’s to sweating it out!! So often I try to fight getting out and pushing myself – but I never regret it once it do it! The hardest part is getting out the door.

Big list of tasks today, firstly I need to go to PR’s and pull loads of looks for upcoming shoots – then its working on my new course, which I hope will be a really great one! Count down to sharing that all with you.

Back to work! xx