Checking In: Life Update

Written by: Zanita Whittington

IMG_0113-1170x1003Checking in! I’m thinking this post is a little overdue because I’ve just been inundated with work and it’s challenging to keep up with my blog – which unfortunately needs to come second to the deadlines given to me by my clients. Certainly nothing to complain about – having alot of work. In fact right now I’m facing a very long day ahead of me (midnight finishing time!) shooting a special project in Begrade, Serbia. It’s the first time I’ve visited this city, it’s very lovely, certainly not the most beautiful you’ll find in Europe but there’s a great energy on the street and I really like the Serbs I’ve met, very friendly and down-to-earth, unsurprisingly, traits you’re less likely to find among people in my industry. Wishing I had more time to explore Belgrade once my job is done! I love discovering the character of a new place.

Gustav and I are currently working on our NYFW video – it’s probably the one thing on my blog I’m most excited about posting because we really did alot of filming and I feel like it’s a good representation of what going to NYFW is like… especially in the winter which is quite challenging! I’ve also go more content from the shows and streetstyle.

I’m leaving Belgrade on Thursday after two days of shooting (sorry to be mysterious! All will be revealed soon) and then it’s a few extra days in Stockholm before heading down under again – to film a new series of Fashion Bloggers. More adventures!! This season is going to be bigger and better – and I’m very excited to share our new cast member Nadia Fairfax will be onboard. She’s got such a great energy! We shot together last season for one of the later episodes.

On a personal note – Gustav and I have a new apartment, we’re renovating throughout April/May. I’ve never renovated before but I have a feeling I’m going to start being obsessed with interiors. Expect a few inspiration posts on here! It represents the first time in my adult life, I’ll have a spare bedroom. A rare commodity in the cities I’ve lived in!

Finally, the launch of our new site is fast approaching. I might be needing to taking a few extra days out of posting content while working on populating it with all the old data. There’s going to be a completely new layout for all the posts so some of them will needing alot of re-formatting.

Looking forward to sharing more in the weeks ahead. xx