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5 Ways to Pay It Forward

Outfit-128dDo your soul a favour. Pay it forward! Your soul is a hungry little beastie and needs feeding regularly. Sometimes people believe that you can feed your soul by treating yourself – by ordering extra cheese on your pizza or spending the whole day in bed watching netflix or by buying new shoes on a friday afternoon. That’s the wrong food for your soul! It gives your soul gas.

It would be so great if we could give real time and cash to charity – but for most of us, that isn’t possible. By contributing in small ways we can collectively make a difference and give your soul the food it needs.

Eat vegetarian. 

I’m not saying become a vegetarian (I’m not one) but by simply cutting back your meat intake, you’re doing a small part to aid the environment – by stemming the demand for meat, which isn’t a very environmentally friendly food source. Cow farts cause a significant amount of our green house gases. FACT. 

Donate blood.

Yeah ouch and ew right? But it doesn’t cost a damn thing to give blood and your could literally be a direct contributor to saving someone’s life. That’s mind blowing! So do your best and suck it up, donate some blood (if you’re eligible) and you could also get a free milkshake. I got a banana one last time and it was the bomb.

Pay an unexpected compliment.

This one is about passing around good vibes. Good vibes are invisible and can be passed from person without any sacrifice of good vibes on one’s own part. A good friend of mine once told me – A candle doesn’t lose any of it’s flame by lighting another candle. Go light up some people – with compliments!

Donate some of your good clothes to charity...

then also buy from charity thrift stores! I have so much clothes and getting rid of them can be totally cleansing… it’s tempting to be a total hoarder and keep all the loveliest pieces in the ‘maybe’ pile – but give away some of the good stuff too, if you can. It could be that one piece that makes someone feel confident at a job interview – or that piece that is worth a little more dough to the charity.


Be a courteous driver/passenger. 

I’m often the silent rager, swearing under my breath as I’m cut off trying to merge… but getting in the car with a positive attitude and giving way to another could be just the good juju that someone else needs on their commute. Same also goes with public transport, give your seat to someone else who might have a heavy bag or looks like they just need a break – the universe will smile!

Yay! Soul Party!

Anyway – I’m wearing a jazzy outfit here, no one can accuse me of being a minimalist huh?

A little bittersweet – this is the very last post I’ll be presenting that’s snapped on my street in Sweden. Gustav and I have moved into a new apartment, can’t wait to share some home decoration adventures in the future!

pants, CH for Carolina Herrera

sunglasses, Kurt Geiger

sweater, Edit 

shoes, Beau Coops

bag, Anna Rubio