Music You Need to Hear

Written by: Zanita Whittington


This is probably one of my more electic music posts, meaning that each track is completely different from the next… from rap to house. I usually like to make a selection that kinda sticks with a theme – but I’m changing it up! These are just some of the tracks I’m listening to NYFW. The first track is by a Swedish rapper called Rosh – I couldn’t find much about him except that he seems to be super young – maybe 17? This song is really well produced and I the ‘svenska’ sounds super cool. Make sure you at least listen until the chorus – though if you’re not a fan of rap maybe it isn’t for you 🙂 Any swedes out there know a little more about this kid? I’m intrigued! He seems badass.

I love finding new songs when I visit a new place and listening to them over and over – then later when I listen to them they remind me of that location. I do the same thing with perfumes! It’s always a great idea to buy a new perfume when you go on holiday!

Happy Sunday! 🙂