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For My Valentine

Written by: Zanita Whittington

It’s so easy to buy gifts for women on Valentine’s day, flowers and jewellery are such a safe bet – and jewellery is wonderful because it has that timeless quality.It’s so lovely to hold – and infuse it with feeling. Very precious.

Alice-Made-9The male equivalent – beyond rings and pendants which aren’t really for every guy – are cufflinks! A good set is perfect for a special occasion. I’ve teamed up with Alice Made This – a luxury accessories brand for men based in the UK, with a design focus on precise craftsmanship and manufacturing.  It’s not only my chance to showcase these elegant designer pieces – but to coerce my boyfriend Gustav to be part of the editorial! I knew we could make it work because these cufflinks and pin are exactly the type of gift my love would appreciate for Valentine’s Day.

We had a whole lot of fun producing this editorial, and it was so refreshing to work on something with a focus on men’s style. We also had the chance to stay at Ett Hem, a Stockholm boutique hotel with only 12 individually designed rooms – and probably the most beautiful and personal places I’ve ever had the good fortune of staying in. Can’t wait to go back!

Alice-Made-1Alice-Made-2 Alice-Made-14  Alice-Made-4Alice-Made-12 Alice-Made-7 Alice-Made-6 Alice-Made-3 Alice-Made-11 Alice-Made-10 Alice-Made-5

Cuff Links and Pin, Alice Made This – 10% Discount with code ZANITA10

location, Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm.