Checking In: Life Update, Bondi Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington

It’s a very strange feeling to be in Australia right now – I’ve got a whole load of exciting work going on but my mind is so in part still in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m madly planning for NYFW and currently doing a whole load in planning my new blog/site.

It’s an exciting time! Partly because I’m steadily learning to be more and more organised and focused. By no means am I doing it perfectly, but it’s amazing how taking steps to be more organised can help you enjoy your work even more – because the point of organisation? Stress reduction. You can get back to the basics of doing what you do because you love it.

I’ve been staying with Sara this past week and I love it so much 1. Because she’s so much fun to be around, we bounce off one another and help each other solve problems AND 2. Because Bundy the dog is here and life is always better with a happy little friend around.

Something I’m looking forward to this week is shooting two models who are really well known in Australia – can you guess who they are? Hint: One has a pixie haircut and one is on the roster at Sports Illustrated. I’ve said too much!

I’ve here in Sydney for another 3 days and then it’s back to Stockholm – as much as it’s such an amazing opportunity to travel around so much, somedays I just craved routine and to stay put, more recently I’ve wanted some of this more and more. As it happens – I won’t really be getting the chance to stay in one place more than maybe 2 weeks until the end of April. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

One consistent factor that helps me along is my blog and the comment and encouragement I receive here – writing a blog can be totally addictive, it’s not the actual journalling (for me) that’s so satisfying but the feedback I receive. I’ve been more and more inspired lately by the kind words you all give me and it’s making me feel totally revived on my blogging career. It’s tough to know where the future of fashion bloggers/influencers will lead – but this whole journey to where I am now has been a total adventure. Thanks so much for sharing it all with me!

Anyway – I snapped these pics of Bondi Beach on Saturday, when the place was rocking with people. It was so wild out in the water – and I’m not so sure these images truly represent just how monstrous the waves were on this day, I heard somewhere it was a 4 metre swell.  Most of the beach was closed to swimming and the noise of the waves was totally wild, the whole beach was a whitewash soup. It was so unique to see the awesome force of nature and by contrast, thousands of beach goer’s chilling on the sand. Glad I got to see it! Very impressive.

Looking forward to sharing what I’ve been up to down under very soon!