Checking In: Life Update

Written by: Zanita Whittington

So I’ve leaving for New York tomorrow – and it signifies a very intense month for me. I’m not going to Paris or Milan (I think) but I do have potential work in Eastern Europe and South America (fingers crossed!). I’m also moving apartment and launching a completely new site and new concept for this blog… it’s alot of work. I’m already counting on summer coming again so I can take a break.

The past week has been filled with correspondence with brands – arranging samples to wear (current season on sale is summer, so it’s essential to be loaning Winter pieces in NYC!) and then contacting PR’s and brands to request tickets for shows. Some shows I’m fortunate to be invited to and some I’m requesting… the requesting is the hard part because you need to sell yourself just a lil to get a foot in the door. It’s so awkward. My version of selling myself…

“Hey I’m Zanita, I’m a blogger and I’m 28 and I’m from Australia. I love your brand! Can I take pictures at your show??”

Hint: This doesn’t work.

Some bloggers are clearly extremely good at selling themselves – and it’s truly a great skill to have, fake it till your make it. A good rule of thumb for anyone in business – and definitely a subject of future posts! It can be as simple as the language your use – the art of sales. Maybe I should be calling myself  ‘Founder of Zanita’… though surely that title belongs to my parents? Haha!

Thankfully I now have someone to speak for me on the selling front – part of a new growth strategy! Something I’ve had to consider more as I approach 30, will you still be interested in my photoshoots and personal style blogging when I’m 35… 40? Will I still be interested in doing it then? My new dream is to work more with others who are inspired in the same way, fellow entrepreneurs.

Do you like this image attached? It’s from a sneak peek from Test shoot I did last week – with gorgeous model Shannon @ Chic. The shoot is going to be part of a new course I’m launching soon, basically a step-by-step process of creating a Photoshoot, beginning to end. It’ll detail how to source a model, what to look for a location, how to create a concept, styling and – of course – editing to completion. I had my friend Angela come along for the shoot and film the whole thing so I can create a whole load of videos discuss the process.  Can’t wait to share more of this!

Anyway I really need to get back to my packing… It could seriously bring about 4 suitcases full of stuff – its amazing how much you need to pack when you’re trying to wear something new everyday and it’s below zero. I need ten coats!! :S

Photography and Styling, Me

Model,  Shannon @ Chic 

dress, Olga Skazkina

belt,  By Malene Birger