Zanita for Pretty Shady

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Summer is happening down under and that means it’s the season of water and skin. In the past I’ve gotten a little grief about the colour of my skin – particularly when I was around 15. Growing up in a small coastal town, tanning was the thing – and I’m naturally very very fair. I’ve been guilty of capitulating to the trend of the tan in the past… and even shamefully… have used a tanning bed.

Pretty-Shady-4Then one day I realised I didn’t give two farts for what people thought about my very pale skin, I didn’t find it ugly or offensive so why should I bother tanning – which I also found to be a total bore and a pain in the butt.

One of the key reasons I decided tanning wasn’t for me was my vanity – ageing. When I was 18 I visited Canada to see family and was so amazed at how much younger Canadians look than Australians. I’m talking about ten years younger! Then of course, Canada is a place that really get’s just a fraction of the kind of sun exposure you’ll get from living Down Under.

The second reason is a little more grim, skin cancer. Australia has the highest rate of it in the world – so much so that I could bet every Aussie knows someone who has been through it. Personally – my Mum was diagnosed with melanoma (which was operated on) and my Dad has had radiation treatment on his face. So you can see why promoting sun safety and awareness is a cause that touches close to home for me.

Gratefully I’ve noticed a shift in attitudes about tanning since I was younger and more and more people are wising up to the benefits of being sun smart. It’s thanks to initiatives like Pretty Shady, forging a new trend in a generation who understand that having a tan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Pretty-Shady-1This being said, Pretty Shady isn’t about avoiding going out in the sun altogether – but knowing what you need to make the most of summer and not put your precious skin on the line – literally! It’s so important to protect your skin – and your eyes – from the harsh rays of the sun. Pretty Shady is here with all the tools you need to avoid the dreaded C in the summer.