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The Zanita Academy Photoshop Basics Course – Now Available!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’m so thrilled to finally share this with you The Zanita Academy Photoshop Basics Course.

For years I’ve been asked about the kind of editing I use for my images and I’ve been so cagey about giving away my secrets… but the truth is, it’s actually so easy to do it seems a shame to keep it all to myself. The course isn’t a conventional Photoshop Course – I’ve never studied nor taken any lessons in using the program, the result is that my techniques are like a whole series of shortcuts. Perfect for bloggers who are working on lots of images every week!

The first image shown here is totally unedited – the second is edited using the techniques I run through in the Photoshop Basics Course – and it’s incredibly easy!

Check out more on my latest course, Photoshop Basics HERE