The Statement Trenchcoat in The Snow

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-109cIt’s really really difficult to shoot on a snowy day – and to be fair I’m lucky to even have these three images to post. The snow flakes really affect your vision and the camera’s ability to autofocus. Still – I love the effect of the snow falling – so dreamy! If I only I had the time to trek out to a beautiful forest park to get these images. Trouble is – even if I did put in the effect, chances are the light would be unsatisfactory. Snow really creates a challenge, it means the light is coming from all directions!

Anyway, this trench is a vintage number I purchased last year – It’s a little bit oversized but I think my shoulders are broad enough to pull it off. A great piece to add to my winter artillery, you can’t go wrong with vibrant red!

trenchcoat, Vintage

sweater dress, And Other Stories

jeans, Lee

boots, And Other Stories

drew bag, Chloe

gloves, Yvonne Kone





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