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Tell Us More! The Raspberry and Rouge Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’ve been friends with Rebecca for creeping on two years – and in that time I’ve watch her grow to become one of the best fashion bloggers in Holland (I’d like to say Europe!) and rack up an incredible body of work. It’s pretty easy to see from these gorgeous images why brands like Vogue are knocking on her door!  Her style has a load of elements typical of the scandi’ clique but with her own unique touch, more relaxed, often deconstructed, playing with textures – dare I say – has a more urban vibe? I always have trouble really nailing a good description of someone’s aesthetic.

Anyway, her blog is one of my favourites! And I’m delighted to say it’s not only because we are such great friends. I’ve harassed to her to complete my questionnaire. Hope you enjoy getting to know Rebecca a little better!

favourite holiday destination…. New York! I’ve been obsessed with the city for ages, can’t enough.

I’m most comfortable when…. When I’m on a beach or near a pool with my boyfriend right beside and a cocktail in my hand.

minimal or maximal… Minimal in styling, maximal in potential.

monotone or color…. Monotone, my wardrobe consists of primary black and white with the occasional navy and grey.

all I want for christmas is… Another trip abroad, I caught the traveling bug big time and I’m not planning on curing myself from “this” anytime soon.

drink of choice… An espresso in the mornings, orange juice in the afternoon, wine in the evening, cocktail in the night.

dream dinner guest… Kim Kardashian (she can bring Kanye). So wrong that it’s right.

if you had three wishes… Super corny but: love, peace and happiness (plus health obviously).

favourite flower… White roses.

signature dance move… I’m amazing at the Macarena.

secret talent… My mom says baking but I sort of lost track of my kitchen super powers due to laziness.

guilty pleasure… Reality TV, any really. Obsessed with anything tacky and over the top.

most proud of… What I’ve achieved so far, deciding to choose a different path and making a success out of that.

ideal date… Probably includes a beautiful view, nice company, loads of food and wine.

favourite designer… Alexander Wang.

favourite item… My iPhone, couldn’t live without it.

a great night out is…. Is when I’m that much in the zone nothing else really matters, dancing and enjoying life. Preferably the dinner-drinks-club-afterparty at home combo.

who would play you in a film… Blake Lively, just because she has amazing hair and I’d love to have that for a second even if it’s just in a movie.

best dish to cook… Truffle mushroom risotto.

can’t stop listening to… Goldfish – Moonwalk Away

creativity is… Not having boundaries.

end goal… Is being able to do what I love and love what I do until I don’t want it anymore.


Photos courtesy of Raspberry & Rouge – Layout by me.

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