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Tell Us More! The Harper and Harley Edition.

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Interview-3I always loved those little quick quizzes you often find in the back of fashion magazines – so I figured I’d get a little regular thing going with my own version. As you probably know, Sara is one of my closest friend’s she was my next target for this kind of feature. I’m also aiming to include something a little extra, where you can learn more about what it took for her to secure her place in the business very soon – probably in about two weeks when I return again to Sydney.

Anyway – Get to know more about Sara (aka Harper and Harley)

favourite holiday destination…. Anywhere with a beach! Maldives is high on my list

I’m most comfortable when…. I’m in black, white and grey

minimal or maximal… minimal

monotone or colour…. dude. do you even have to ask? Monotone

all I want for christmas is… health and happiness

drink of choice… espresso martini

dream dinner guest… bring wine, bring humour, bring chat

if you had three wishes… If i tell you they wont come true!

Interview-1favourite flower…

signature dance move… A lot of swaying hips and shoulders, arms are most likely in the air… haha

secret talent… I can hold me breath for quite a long time. Is that a talent?

guilty pleasure… Reality tv: Real Houswives and Dance Moms

most proud of… designing a range of shoes for Tony Bianco

ideal date… my man

favourite designer… Josh Goot

favourite item… A ManiaMania Immortalia diamond and quartz ring

a great night out is…. when I don’t check the time

who would play you in a film… Rose Byrne

best dish to cook… Spaghetti Bolognese. I can make an amazing sauce!

can’t stop listening to… Sia

creativity is… the best when its unforced

end goal… happiness, always

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