How to: Work Unusual Proportions

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Guess this was to be expected – but I’m feeling a bit drained as I write this post. I’ve been working alot – and I’m not so much physically exhausted as… I think my brain is tired of thinking. My thoughts are mush. Think I need to watch some Modern Family and chill out!

At least I can rest easy knowing I’ve stuck to my schedule. I never knew I would be capable of posting ten times a week if I didn’t see it all laid out before me. Nothing like the satisfaction of a job done right!

Anyway this outfit – quite a refined look opposed to my usual tastes – but the odd proportions make it feel my own. I like breaking up proportions in unusual ways, but it could be something easier for me to pull of because I’m so tall (181cm). I was always envious of the way tshirts sat on my shorter girlfriends, how they could bend over without fear of exposing their butt cracks. T-shirts are never long enough! Thank goodness I’m an adult and have the good sense to wear dresses as shirts now. You needn’t fear my butt crack!

Ok, now I’m quite delirious.

Hej då!! (that’s swedish for goodbye) x

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